Gtechniq Crystal Serum

Firehouse Auto Spa knows car buyers are paying more for their vehicles these days, but they are also keeping them much longer as well. That means there is no rest for the weary when it comes to offering automotive appearance products that are even more durable, longer lasting than ever before, and that deliver an altogether more dynamic shine. That’s why Firehouse Auto Spa is introducing Gtechniq Crystal Serum!

It’s Like Asking Firehouse Auto Spa to ‘Super-size’ Your Protection

Gtechniq just couldn’t stop improving on their two breakthrough creations, C1 Crystal Lacquer and their EXOv2 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coatings, both offering paint protection lasting 3 to 5 years, a longevity of 10 times that of most dealer-applied sealants. However, Gtechniq continued to push the limits of their Smart Surface Science technology to improve yet again on the already unprecedented durability and protection those two products offer.

Now guaranteeing 7 years of paint protection, Gtechniq is ‘Super-sizing’ their nanocoating product line with Crystal Serum, which not only promises the ultimate in gloss enhancement, but also intensifies chemical resistance, swirl mark resistance, and scratch resistance, to give your vehicle prevailing defense against just about anything the road and environment can throw at it!
Like no other product, Crystal Serum creates a thick but sheer film across the exterior of your vehicle, producing formerly unachievable results in paint protection. The harshest of cleaning solutions or environmental contaminants cannot penetrate Crystal Serum protection. Even nightmarish bird droppings and bug splatter rinse right off without dulling your finish!

Made for professional application only, Firehouse Auto Spa is an authorized and accredited Gtechniq installer. Ask us whether Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum is the right choice for your vehicle, and while you’re at it, consider over-coating your Serum application with Gtechniq EXOv2.