Gtechniq Matte Dash

The first area of your vehicle to start showing wear is the interior. The leather, vinyl, plastic and rubberized components like the dashboard, door cards, outer glove box, and console, experience the most activity.

The constant pushing open and pulling closed your doors; inadvertently striking the console, dashboard, and glove box with your keys, drink container, fingernails, or jewelry; and jarring those areas with purses, shopping bags, shoes, gym bags, etc., frequently scuff and scratch the dark materials from which they are made.

In addition, dashboard materials, exposed to fierce UV rays, tend to harden and crack over time if not treated; and the textured material easily collects dust and dirt particles. Firehouse Auto Spa has seen that products currently on the market designed to protect these surfaces are short-lived, oily in texture, and tend to give off an unnatural gloss that will rub off when applied or wear away quickly.

Gtechniq has developed an abrasion-resistant coating for automotive interiors called Matte Dash. Using their exclusive Smart Surface Science technology, Matte Dash is completely absorbed into the material it comes into contact with, bonding chemically with the surface so it cannot be worn off or rubbed off. Matte Dash leaves the surface looking and feeling completely natural while toughening the surface with a durable coating that repels dirt, water, and abrasion.

Let Firehouse Auto Spa’s Master accredited technicians show you how they can protect your automobile’s interior surfaces permanently, without greasy residue.

Matte Dash is for hard surfaces only and will not be applied to suede, nubuck, or fibrous finishes.

NOTE: The surface on which the Gtechniq surface protection is applied must be clean and free from dirt in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough interior detailing may be necessary prior to application. These services are not included in the cost of any Gtechniq treatments unless otherwise specified.