Who Are the Detail Mafia?

The Detail Mafia often comes together to work on regional and local projects across state lines, like restoring historic airplanes and fire engines for museums; cleaning emergency vehicles after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy; or prepping multi-million-dollar car collections for auctions, car shows, and private collectors. Many of them are pro bono projects for team members. Detail Mafia members get together for tradeshows, seminars, or weekend-long Detailing Challenges where they compete with each other to solve car appearance problems like damaged paint, oxidized metals, and removing difficult stains and odors — all to keep their detailing and paint correction skills honed sharp!

Detail Mafia Events

Air Force One

The first Air Force One is shiny and polished after members of The Detail Mafia, including Jacksonville firefighter/paramedic Mark Elliott, tackled its aluminum and paint at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Read more...

Oct 8, 2017

Detailing an Historic Korean War Surveillance Plane

Mark joined fellow Detailing Success detailers from Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, and Melbourne on a 4-day project to restore a 1959 U.S. Army OV-1B Mohawk at Jacksonville’s Craig Municipal Airfield. The small team performed a two-stage compounding and polish, finishing it off with an exterior protective coating. The Mohawk is the only air-worthy flying B-model airplane left in the world. It was used in the Korean War for military surveillance and as an attack aircraft.

Aug 20, 2016

Barrett Jackson West Palm Beach Car Show

Selected for the prestigious Barrett Jackson detailing team by Palm Beach Car Show sponsor, Mothers High Performance Car Care, Mark helped prep dozens of classics, exotics, and luxury vehicles for auction at one of South Florida’s favorite car shows and auction.

Aug 7, 2016
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