Detailing Services That Restore or Maintain a Vehicle to as Close as Possible, “Showroom” Condition

Detailing is about much more than washing your car or truck. Automotive detailing only starts with an exterior hand wash using a lubricating, pH-neutral shampoo. Firehouse Auto Spa technicians offer free paint inspections as they remove streaks and water spots, and dry your vehicle by hand using soft microfiber towels. They monitor your paint for signs of oxidation, fading, fine scratches, holograms, and swirl marks that dull your shine.

They can also clean environmental contaminants from your paint using clay bar, and repair rough “etches” caused by acidic bird droppings and squashed bugs. Both, if left on the paint too long, can eat through the clear coat and paint down to the metal causing detailer’s Kryptonite — rust!

Firehouse Auto Spa offers many advanced detailing services like professional tire and wheel shine; European Steam Clean to remove bacteria-causing stains on the carpets and upholstery, Odor Removal , and even some small repairs like headlights and scratch removal.

After cleaning and restoring all of your surfaces, you may want to talk to Firehouse Auto Spa about our Gtechniq protective coatings for every surface of your vehicle including glass, fabrics, carpet, leather, hard plastics, rubber, trim, and metals.

Brands we trust

Corporate and fleets

Your company trucks and delivery vehicles are rolling billboards for your company. At Firehouse Auto Spa, we are sympathetic to companies that do not have the manpower to keep their trucking or delivery fleet routinely cleaned and detailed. Detailing and maintaining a clean fleet of vehicles protects your monetary investment and reduces the risk of mechanical problems. Discover more >>>

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